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Nickname: SnaKe
Date of birth: 1987-06-19
d14930bd11472c1b9d3b5604aa7c3d231a69a030 Plu Julien male

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Title: Internship data enginner
Start: 2012-04-02
End: 2012-09-03
At: / MDG Web
Activity: Wikipedia data mining and R2RML mapping for musicbrainz. Work in collaboration with DERI.
Title: Intership in consulting and development
Start: 2011-06-01
End: 2011-08-31
Activity: The objective of this internship is to demonstrate how to publish data for public transport on the semantic Web by following the approach of the Datalift project.
Title: Intership in software development
Start: 2010-07-01
End: 2010-08-31
At: Dialonics
Activity: Look for computer vision algorithms and implement them in C++ in an existing application. Specifically, from a public entertainment robot (Meccano Spykee) which with the Dialonics technology allows dialogue in natural language, I used the onboard camera to add features to detect and track objects and colors.
Title: Intership in application testing
Start: 2005-02-09
End: 2005-02-18
At: Orange Labs
Activity: Testing a search engine.


Start: 2010-09-01
End: 2012-09-28
Title: Master in Artificial intelligence
At: University of Montpellier
Start: 2007-09-01
End: 2010-06-30
Title: Licence in Computer sciences
At: University of Montpellier

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